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Paper Topic: Movie Review The Royal Tenenbaums The film Royal Tenebaums ‘ by Wes Anderson is a 2001 movie about family drama with fresh and hilarious scenes loaded with wacky characters who attempts to give viewers the terms of love , forgiveness and respect Royal Tenenbaum (Gene Hackman ) is the father in the film who tries to reconnect with his family because he is diagnosed with cancer and so he wanted to make the most out of his remaining years on earth

The flaws and follies of the characters are very funny and touching at the same time The film is highly recommended to watch since it provides great lessons in life and a powerful tool to mend families with broken relationships Family has the most powerful ties in our lives as an individual , the ones who gave us birth and no matter how many years had passed and how many tragedies ther may have been we will remain connected to these people even if against our wills so all we have to do is seize every moment with them , reunite , forgive and most of all love unconditionally

he even tried to commit suicide when he learned about Margot ‘s affair with their neighbor In the end Royal has the last laugh because he was able to make good connections with his children and sooner expends in reuniting with his estranged clan Royal is the stereotypical man who realizes his mistakes as an irresponsible father and it gives us a picture of a man who only realizes faults when its too late because many years have passed and some wounds cannot be healed easily I choose to watch this film because it has extraordinary characters with different personalities but they manage to adjust and understand their differences since they all belong to one family

18 years of separation with his wife Etheline (Anjelica Huston ) and his 3 overachieving offspring : Margot the playwright (Gwyneth Paltrow , the financial genius Chas (Ben Stiller ) and the champion tennis player Richie (Luke Wilson , his children finds it hard to get along with him because of his previous infidelities and his wife on the other hand already found a new love in the character of her partner and accountant Henry Sherman (Danny Glover Coping up with his illness he tries to do everything to win his children ‘s heart back eventhough Margot cannot forget th e way Royal always tell her that she is adopted

Chas is a so desperate of keeping away his too sons from their grandfather so royal secretly takes the kids out for some adventure and qualitative memorable time


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Richie is the only one who develop his closeness with his dad though his heart is beating for his adopted sister

It has twist and turns that made me not bored while watching it

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