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Paper Topic: Multimedia BISMIALLAH HIR RAHMAN NIR RAHEEM Multimedia Storage Multimedia storage , according to Gemmell , Harrick , Vin Dilip , and Venkat (1994 ) is , a server that provide access to multimedia objects including text , images , audio , and video (p1 The design of each server is different

For example , it depends on the real-time storage and retrieval and the large storage space and the data transfer rate required for each digital multimedia The new design allows the server to store wide range of information br such as books , periodicals , scientific data , and even video clips

Besides individual multimedia servers with privatization , commercial multimedia servers are growing Ensuring Continuous Recording and Retrieval of Digital Multimedia Digital video yields a sequence of continuously video frames or audio samples such as a stream

Even in the process of downloading , the clients or customers can either downloads it at one event or by stop , pause , and resume alternatively Then the data is stored for later viewing The fundamental characteristics of the difference in the traditional text /numerical storage of digital audio and video are Real time storage and retrieval , which is also referred as continuous media because it consists of a sequence of media quanta

The term such as on-demand digital video server attracts wide attention in the cities and urban areas To manage a multimedia data , it requires an efficient media information to be stored on individual disks , large disk arrays , and other storage devices

From images , it is enhanced to include variety of multimedia research that includes the analog transmission and storage of audio and video ‘ Gemmell , Harrick Vin Dilip , Kandlur , Venkat (1994 , 2 As electronic devices are growing in importance and need , market interest in multimedia technology also increases in its importance and need especially in digital multimedia

Therefore , it requires multimedia service to provide strong efficient mechanism for storing , retrieving , and manipulating the data so that they can be retrieved at high speed Traditionally , storage servers are designed to provide efficient access to numeric data and textual information

In addition , when the video frames , which also consist of several media components , can be temporary played back while at the same time , it can also be played continuously Large data transfer rate and storage space requirement

This media conveys meaning only when the data is continuously presented such as video frames of audio samples

When digital audio and video are played back , they required or consume a very high rate

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