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com Literature 18 December 2007 The African American In United States African Americans are citizens of the United States who inherited the race of a black African people mostly in the Sub-Saharan African countries

They are the one who were imprisoned as slaves and released in the United States and other countries as well (Wikipedia During the supremacy of Lincoln who is also a black American , African American people were released because he signed two executive s during the American Civil War which is known as the Emancipation Proclamation

She won a noble prize when it comes to her writing ability as an American author (pbs As years passes by , the economic stability of the African American people is increasing because of the great achievements of many black American people and their hard work of getting into the top It doesn ‘t matter where you come from and what others are saying about your origins

Even though , some of the slaves were not yet released , the black Americans soldiers still continue their endeavor to fight for the American country to prove something worthy and might as well help the countrymen live a normal life and not as slaves

Later , experiencing democracy and equal rights (Wikipedia There were many African Americans live freely , but does this freedom nurture all their needs

The middle class Black American continue to grow and many of them are well known in the United States and strive to increase cultural influence These contributions are more on literature , art , foods , music , language and modern technologies

Also , she is known as the richest billionaire among all the known African American people

African American World

Many of the black Americans fought during the Revolutionary war

The first was the freedom of all slaves

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