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Furthermore , it can be said that the African American culture is predominantly a mixture or combination of the Sahelean cultures and the sub-Saharan African The African Americans generally or dominantly came from the slaves who were sold to Canada and the United States , which were formerly the British North America

Today , the African Americans are living freely and are able to create communities and establish their own culture away from the hands of slavery The African Americans , with great humility and servility to avoid racists from harming them , followed the Jim Crow Laws

Paper Topic: N/A Name Name of Professor Subject Date African Americans African Americans are residents or individuals who are living in the United States with origins that leads back to the black racial groups found in Africa

It occurred during the American Civil war in the year 1863 President Abraham Lincoln was responsible for their freedom when he signed the Emancipation Proclamation , the proclamation which stated that the slaves who were separated or withdrawn from the Union are free Texas was the last state to which the proclamation was applied to since it was the last state to be withdrawn or liberated in 1865

On the other hand , the African American culture which is sometimes called the black culture is consists of a variety of cultural traditions of the black communities

It was dignity degrading for the African Americans , but because of the efforts by the middle class African Americans , they were able to establish or improve their community and raise their own schools , banks , business and even social and religious infrastructures (Brooks , 2003

Freedom from slavery was the biggest event that turned the tables for the African Americans (Fabre and O ‘Meally 1994

Slavery and racial discrimination was a very important obstacle that the African Americans were able to fight for and overcome for their benefit

The black culture is both of and different from the American culture and it is also an indigenous to the children or the next generation of youths in the U

The African Americans fought for racial dignity , further freedom from white authority and also economic and political self sufficiency

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