Neither Black Nor White

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The author provided strong evidence that those members of the community with the lightest skin color and the most Caucasian looking features have been allowed the br greatest freedoms and achieved at higher rates There is argument that goes further to display the ways that darker-skinned members of the Black community discriminate against mixed-race individuals in the workplace , how patterns of dating with the community are tangled up with phenotype , how networks are constructed or dismantled on the basis of color classism and how culturally , Blacks use unique cultural coding , such as hair or first names , to distinguish between those who are black and those who are not

This is so because a bi-racial individual ‘s understanding of their own appearance seems to be rooted in others perceptions and assumptions of appearance and its link with identity Appearance is distinctly more social than phenotypes because it is created by the bi-racial individual ‘s understanding of their skin color as conditioned through the judgments of others in interactions

So we expect that it is appearance , not skin color , which will influence the racial identification of bi-racial , and that skin color works through one ‘s appearance to affect identity

If an individual exists within a social context where bi-racial has a meaningful existence , then they may cultivate a b identity

The foundation for a social and cultural system of color classisms within Black America was laid

Paper Topic: Neither Black Nor White Whites and Blacks through which cross color interactions and business transactions could happen

If this cultural category does not exist

Mutual identification is critical to both identity construction and maintenance


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