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These assists in performing small scale surgery or microsurgery , increased accuracy and precision in stereotactic surgery , access to small corridors during minimal invasive surgery , ability to process large amount of data during image-guided surgery , ability to telesurgery and reduce tremor by ten times The main purpose of laser and robots in performing complex neurosurgical procedures is the preciseness and dexterity of the technology in comparison with humans

However , the first commercially used and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA ) is the NeuroMate This NeuroMate is an image-guided , robotic-assisted system that is used for stereotactic procedures

It pioneered the organ system surgery that uses robotic-assisted neurosurgery

Robot-assisted technology helped neurosurgeons to be more precise and accurate

This PUMA uses a head-frame to the patient and uses fiducial markers to record the brain ‘s image

Paper Topic: Neurosurgery _Neurosurgery Neurosurgery is the medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of patients with injury to the brain , spinal cord , spinal column and peripheral nerves

After which a robotic surgical suite was invented the RAMS or the Robot Assisted Microsurgery System

Intracranial images are now visible in relations to the position of the surgical tools used during a procedure Robotic arm is placed inside a computed tomography (CT ) scanner to compensate the movements of the intracranial shifts and deformations This improved the 3D localization and accuracy

Most importantly , this new technology helped surgeons do quality job with little incision as possible that also bring great comfort to the patients

Even a slightest mistake on the procedure will bring disaster to the lives of the patients One of the first technologies is the PUMA or Programmable Universal Machine for Assembly

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