Nicolo Paganini

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During this period he acquired the phenomenal command of the violin that amazed musicians and music lovers everywhere (Anders 40-41 Paganini stands at the threshold of a new era in violin playing , if

On 31 May 1794 a notice was printed in Avvisi , a Genoa news “[During high mass] Nicolt Paganini , a highly gifted eleven-year-old boy , performed a concerto , for which he was greatly admired (Prod ‘Homme 7-8 Encouraged by such successes , the father entrusted the thirteen-yearold Nicolt to Alessandro Rolla , then teaching in Parma

In his case we are aware of great musicality a distinct talent for the violin that included certain physiological characteristics a strict practicing regime supervised by his father , who soon noted the unusual gift and a highly developed desire to excel as an artist

While on the road , however , Paganini hardly ever practiced , and when he briefly warmed up before concerts , he used such a heavy mute that no one could hear him (Prod ‘Homme 13 Countless books and pamphlets have been written about the secret of his practicing and about other , hitherto unknown , explanations of his virtuosity

All produced astonishing results (Anders 39 Paganini was born in Genoa in 1782 , the son of a dockworker whose hobbies included fortunetelling and playing the violin and mandolin

Years of intensive practice under the father ‘s strict supervision followed his return home

He taught Nicolt both instruments “It would be hard to imagine a stricter father ” the boy recalled

Further instruction by two orchestra violinists led to lessons by Giacomo Costa , music director at the cathedral , whose pupil soon performed solos there

Though Rolla declared that there was nothing he could teach him , he gave his young student a solid foundation in music theory , and probably good advice as well

While in Parma , Nicolt also studied counterpoint with Ghiretti and Palr , for whom he wrote , among other exercises , twenty-four fugues in parts

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