Nietzsches Socrates

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In a very real sense , it can be argued that Nietzsche skewed the historical writings he studied to support his modern philosophical statements Nietzsche argues that as long as reason and external morality is imposed upon society , the people who live within it are diseased and devoid of reasons to live

To support these arguments , Nietzsche relies not only the texts that come from the time at which Socrates lived , but also on the writings of scientists the anthropological criminologists ‘ who argue that criminals are typically ugly people In the eyes of Nietzsche , it appears that Socrates is not what he appears at first blush at all

Using this argument , Socrates did not bravely face his execution instead , he wanted to die because he was not true to his instinctive human nature and , thus , had become infected with the decadence brought about by his over-reliance on logic , reason and morality imposed from an exterior source All of Nietzsche ‘s reasoning , of course , is based on his own desires to support his own arguments

If these things are true , then Nietzsche can feel justified in arguing that Socrates was not a great man and that all of the philosophers that followed him through the leadership of Plato were also symptomatic of all that was wrong with Socrates and with his form of reasoning Where Socrates fails , in the mind of Nietzsche , is in his overwhelming need for and reliance upon reasoning

Nietzsche , however , chose to interpret the writings that he studied as proof that Greek society was in decline due to the rise of reason over instinct , which would thus support his argument that the ills and decadence of modern society sprang from the morals and reason that were being imposed upon the world

Although Nietzsche drew extensively from ancient texts to support his arguments about Socrates , the conclusions to which he came were completely modern in their nature For his first argument , Nietzsche states that all sages have concluded that life is devoid of positive meaning (Nietzsche par

By using his own reasoning and the reasoning suggested by then-modern scientists , Nietzsche supported his own agenda that argued against reason and for instinctive humanity Work Cited Nietzsche , F

8 , but he was also an indication of how society itself was decadent Nietzsche goes on to argue that Socrates was not a wise man at all Although it is usual to admire Socrates for his deeply analytical mind Nietzsche argues that it is the philosopher ‘s overindulgence in this particular virtue that makes him decadent to begin with

To support this argument , he cites Socrates ‘ conclusion that life equals sickness Socrates , Nietzsche argues , was not just tired of life himself rather his decadence was the symptom of a decline in society himself

It is well known that Socrates came from the plebian class , but Nietzsche also argues against his ugliness , which appears in both writings on and sculptures of Socrates

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