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The company , through it ‘s laboratories , a number of products and brand names , were included in the company ‘s portfolio of products , the directors also decided to begin producing new products

Pampers was first introduced in the market on a test basis in 1961 they became popular as the disposable diapers which were there before were ineffective Procter and gamble continued , buying more companies during the twentieth century , buying companies like Lams , Noxell , Folgers coffee among other buy ins

1994 was not a good year for Procter and Gamble , the company had made losses resulting from derivatives financial , agreements entered into by the management the company , sued the bankers trust , for it had made the company enter into the derivatives financial agreements

In 1996 , the company was in the news again , after its product Olestra ‘ that caused anal leakages and gastro intestinal difficulties among the human population In 2005 , Pand G bought Gillette the result of this acquisition is that it became the biggest consumer goods company

jhtml The production capacities at the Cincinnati could not match the demand for the company ‘s products in the early twentieth century , for this reason the company decided to open new , factories in to meet the supply short fall

Paper Topic: Not designed yet Name University Course Tutor Date Introduction The company was formed in 1837 , by William Procter and James Gamble William was a candle maker while James was a soap maker

The directors of the company decided to pursue a diversification strategy and in 1911 , the company began producing Crisco , which was a shortening made from vegetable oils rather than the convectional animal fats

In keeping with the company ‘s founders culture the company still maintains ‘s its headquarters in Cincinnati Ohio USA Financial History The company ‘s share price is currently at 73 at the New York stock exchange

By the nature of this businesses , they shared the same resources in terms of inputs , due to competition for inputs , this caused a lot of disunity in the family , for this reason , their father in law suggested that his two sons in law to become business partners , James and William agreed to this proposal and thus in October 31 1837 , Procter and Gamble came into existence in Cincinnati Ohio (http /www

Gillette brought in world known brands such as Gillette razors , oral B and Duracell batteries into the company ‘s range of products

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