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Paper Topic: Nutrition Check Activity Time Spent on Activity (in minutes Shower , getting ready for the day 60 minutes Church /driving 180 minutes Writing Christmas cards 60 minutes Watching TV 120 minutes Surfing the internet 100 minutes Shopping at Walmart 60 minutes Making /eating Dinner 60 minutes Playing cards 120 minutes Sleeping 600 minutes Writing s 60 minutes Trips to bathroom 20 minutes Questions Is this a typical day for you

Which activities gave you the lowest and highest MET (s A MET is Metabolic Equivalents (METs ) is a ratio of work metabolic rate to standard resting metabolic rate

This is a typical weekend day , but not a typical weekday so in general no , it is not a typical day

My nutrient intake was significantly higher than this , of course , so I was not burning as many calories as I was eating If you continued at this physical activity level and the level of Calorie intake from Unit 2 , what would you expect would happen to your weight My weight would increase if I never did more physical activity than I did this day

Therefore , a 3 MET activity (equivalent to walking the dog , or bowling ) would require energy expenditure at a level equal to three times resting ‘ This is from HYPERLINK “http /www

Why I should do less TV watching and other activities that require sitting and more activities that require moving and walking around , so that I have a healthier , better balanced day (activity-wise

On the weekends I like to take it easy when I can and rest more , so although this table looks like I don ‘t do much , that is not usually true What were the intensity classifications for your activities

I am not satisfied with that , and I should make time to be more active , even on the weekends Assume the 24 hour period you assessed is typical for you

Give one example of each category The only categories I have are `vigorous ‘ and `light ‘ An example of a `light ‘ activity is watching TV

It is not good to sit still all the time How many Calories did this program say you expended

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