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He considers himself as being on the heavy side since he was young , due primarily to his eating habits – four to five heavy meals a day and occasional two to three snacks in between Subject One admits through the interview that while most of the members of the immediate and second degree family are aware of diet and health risks of obesity , diet and dietary plan and diet consultation with professionals were never considered as an option due to the prevailing eating habits and customs in the family and the attitude towards eating in general

Calcium as well as potassium , fiber magnesium and vitamins A , C and E are recommended by the agency for adults like Subject One , at the same time limiting the intake of tans fats , cholesterol , sugar , salt and alcohol Intake of food that can help weight management and nutrition intake of Subject One should include the intake of at least half a cup of fresh frozen or canned fruit or one whole medium sized fruit , half

Family members are not overly conscious of slimming down and Subject One ‘s lifestyle during pre-adulthood and adulthood (frequent television time , absence of competitive physical sport , lethargy to exercise regimens ) points towards the present weight condition he is in leading to the analysis that genetics and lifestyle has led Subject One to his current weight problem , and the use of effective dietary program is encouraged to remedy the situation

His current desk job is a 7-4 pm Monday to Friday work , wherein he has very little chance to walk around the office space situated close to the parking lot that requires him not to climb any stairs Recommended weight loss plan for Subject One – Using the Body mass Index calculator provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2007 , it is known that Subject One ‘s statistics – five feet five inches in height and weighing 220 pounds at age 25 – reflect that he is obese since the calculations resulted to a BMI of 30 and above The US Department of Health and Human Services (2005 ) identified most Americans as prone to consuming more calories than their body actually needs while their intake of nutrients suffer

Paper Topic: Nutrition: Check RECOMMENDED NUTRITION PLAN FOR THE WEIGHT LOSS OF SUBJECT ONE NAME SUBJECT PROFESSOR DATE Background – At 25 , Subject One weighs in at 220 pounds , all of his five feet five inch-frame

Subject One describes regular diet as excessive on meat and soda , with the common vegetable diet limited to potatoes and very occasional leafy vegetables

Because of this , the agency recommends for cases like Subject One to focus on consuming food which are high in nutrients and with energy content levels that are only ranged at low to moderate

He considers most of his immediate and second degree relative as overweight or suffering from weight problems , regardless of financial status


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