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Hence to maintain the desired fat-free figure , fattening food should still be regulated and physical activity encouraged The genetic makeup of a person also has a role in developing obesity Our genes share the reason why we tend to overeat , to be inactive and to be unable to burn fats easily

If not all of the accumulated calories are burned , the remainder becomes the life-threatening body fat Fat cells are difficult to get rid of

What some Americans are not aware of is that this kind of food is very high in fat and is one of the many reasons why the trending of obesity had increased over the years Obesity is the accumulation of too much excess fat in the body

Come 2006 , 22 states had prevalence of equal or greater than 25 , two of which reached the mark of 30 (CDC , page 4 (Figure 1 ) Aside from the high-calorie diet that most Americans have , the other contributing factors to this trend are sedentary behavior , social environment and family history The calories that we take in everyday are consumed by our bodies through metabolism

The World Health Organization defines obesity as having a BMI of 30 or more According to the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC , no state in the United States (US ) had a prevalence of obesity of over and equal to 15 in 1990

This is measured through the Body Mass Index (BMI ) which is derived from the br division of a person ‘s body weight in kilograms to the square of his or her height in meters

The fat cells will just decrease in size when a person loses weight

When there are a lot of food stalls or restaurants around , people tend to eat outside instead of cooking

If family members had struggled with their weights before , there is also a big probability that you will have the same problem if you do not follow a proper diet plan and exercise Meanwhile , the environment does not always support healthy eating and physical habits

Not all people are aware that performing physical exercises is a good health investment

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