Of Mice and Men

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It would appear that the author did not mince words when it employed a distinctly heavy writing style and its own brand of realistic characterization (Doyle While the overarching theme of gentle dreams and aspirations of George and Lennie pervade the entire narrative , what with their desire to rise above their marginalized predicament at a time when resources , money and food were scarce for everyone , there is a strong touch of violence especially with respect to the likes of Lennie in a world that remains intolerant and unapologetic to the weak At the very start George scrounges Lennie for his apparent lack of kindness and calm after Lennie killed the mouse when he was in fact asked to take of the pet

Instead , precisely because of the harsh realities and cruel conditions extant in the story ‘s context , it must be expected that societies exposed to the severest forms of conditions , for instance , the Great Depression , will most likely turn a majority of their members to a same degree of insensitivity , savagery and an unforgiving attitude towards those that upset the dangerous balance between that close to barbarism against civility (Johnson 23 It is this fascination for violence whenever society becomes predisposed to ruthlessness that Of Mice and Men reminds its readers of the inherent violent behavior and callousness when times are in themselves tough and severe

Although Lennie is portrayed as a strong individual , a character possessed with enormous physical strength , he is likewise unable to keep up with society ‘s demands simple because of his ignorance To be ignorant and useless , exactly at a time when a person needs to prove his worth in a very demanding and exacting world invites scorn and resentment

Paper Topic: Of Mice and Men [Name] [Professor] [Date] [Institution] Violence in Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck ‘s Of Mice and Men has been regarded by most literary critics as too vulgar and offensive in the way it presents American society during the turmoil of the Great depression (ALA

This is seen clearly in Lennie ‘s character and the treatment he gets from such an altered , intolerable community Lennie is at best a simple minded worker and at worst an ignorant and spineless individual who is exposed to the inconsiderate travails of his society

Later on , snippets of further violence can be gleaned from one of Candy ‘s recollections of a violent altercation between Crooks and Curley and eventually the death of Lennie because he has raised the alarm among the lynching mob for an alleged sexual assault (Steinbeck 27

Lennie died at the very hands of his only friend , a turn around in the story that evinces the novelette ‘s macabre and violent undertones Violence in the story must not be seen merely as an incidental ornament to the narrative

Only George , who understands and cares for him the most , is there for him to run to his defense and parry the attacks of those who are eager to weed out the weak and the dangerous (Reed 5


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