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This means the technical parameters are frozen , the basic designing of the project is completed specifications for major plant and equipment are finalized , costs of the project are estimated in greater details , a time schedule for the project is planned and all necessary steps are taken to tie-up the required funds and other resources for successful execution of the project (iii ) Production After the design phase is over , the car project moves into the production phase where the emphasis is on giving a physical shape to the ideas that were elaborated in the project

Phase-I of the car project can be summarized as under a ) Identification of the need b ) Establishment of the primary feasibility of project idea c ) Identification of alternatives d ) Evaluation of the alternatives e ) Investment decision (ii ) Design Once the investment decision is taken , the design or the planning stage of the project starts

Accordingly , a project is divided into four distinct phases as under (i ) Feasibility (ii ) Design (iii ) Production , and (iv ) Termination (I ) Feasibility This phase of a project is an essential component of the project which begins with the identification of some unfulfilled need in the economy or the market

These are designed to inform the Toyota Production System , Toyota quality and the Toyota team concept The company is responsible for maintaining quality in production and for after sales service

After the plant and equipments are manufactured and delivered and civil and structural work is completed to receive these equipments they are erected and tested (iv ) Termination Finally , the construction of the project reaches its end and the last phase of termination starts

In the design phase the original project idea is amplified as much as possible so that a complete `blue-print ‘ of the project is available for the next stage

This need is at the root of a concept /idea where an entrepreneur or an enterprise gets an idea to design and establish a project that will fulfill this need

Usually , this demands actions to procure the materials , machineries and equipment required for the project and construction of facilities like buildings , equipment foundations , infrastructure etc

The company is manufacturing cars of varieties of models for different segments both for domestic and export markets The life cycle of a project with respect to the intensity of activity that is associated with a particular project

A visit was made to the Toyota Car Manufacturing factory at Kentucky , Georgetown USA

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