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Paper Topic: Operations Mgt In to set-up a new system in an organization , it is imperative that input from the users for whom it is intended for is taken Information needed from users of the system is as follows Intended use of the system from their end Any special requirements How they see the system will help them How the system can be made easier for them Apart form this , information that can be gathered from documents they use on a daily basis can also be of help

A prototype approach to making the system is best in these situations where input can be taken and incorporated into the system at various levels of the system development process Flow charts are a step by step process map used to describe a function They are a diagram of sorts illustrating how one step leads to another It contains mainly of a start and end point , connectors , decision boxes input boxes and process boxes

The best method to collect for an organization with just ten employees is by conducting interviews Interviews provide the maximum amount of information but are expensive to conduct when in large quantity

Apart form this , user input will also be taken once the system is completed so that changes to it can be made if requested

Apart from this , other requirements such as different peripheral devices or software modules will also depend on what the users want The most critical elements will be the main server that will link the whole network

It should however not be abandoned Employees can be shown modules of the system form time to time and asked for their input as to how the system can be better made according to their needs

The components will mainly base on the type of hardware /software that is required to conduct business operations

The systems components too will be selected based on the requirements collected during the information gathering stage

As interviews will be conducted , this aspect of involving them will be initiated in the beginning

are other elements that need to be assessed Employees should be involved form the start f the system design

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