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Thus , the opinion and evaluation of the manger regarding the performance of each personnel is indeed regarded to be significant to the administrative development Because of the said reasons , manager ‘s personal evaluation and review of the performance of each individual plays a significant role in the aspect of employment stability of the involved personnels

It must be specifically noted that there are scenarios and situation where the manger ‘s evaluation is significantly irrelevant and that personal reviews are subject to inaccuracy Concerning the said idea , the concept of the reliability and influence of the manager ‘s personal review on the employee ‘s performance is subjected to numerous problems

One of which is that the degree of the relation and hierarchy must be considered whether the employee work as a direct subordinate of the manager thus making his or her evaluation to be significant as the manager can personally and directly observe the employees performance

Paper Topic: Operations Mgt Operations Management Commonly , in the course of developing the administrative process and effectivity of the company , manager ‘s personal evaluation are being consider in the approach of analyzing the ability and performance of each personnel

However , there is one critically aspect to be addressed in this concept mainly influencing the extent of the degree of reliability of the manager ‘s evaluation in reviewing the performance of certain employees

Concerning this idea , the manager ‘s performance review can significantly affect the company to the employee to the extent that this evaluation can result to sanction and even termination

Solicitation of recommendations and opinions must only be applicable to manager and their direct employee with only minimal subject to keep the perspective of the observer close and critical for each individual Another specific complication that commonly manifest in the aspect of manager ‘s evaluation is the fallacy and improbability of the human nature making it susceptible to flaws of personal opinion

This concept is mainly because of the assumption and the common view that the manager knows critically the ability and performance of each of his or her personnels as he or she directly handles them in accordance to their administrative hierarchy

All of the employees and staff under the administrative jurisdiction of a specific manager answer all to him or her thus viewing personally their performance

In this scenario , to avoid making faulty and inaccurate evaluation , the closest officer-in-charge must be the one to be consulted to review the involved employee ‘s performance

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