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Some of the operational strategies to achieve the mission for operations include the following (1 ) keep the modes of production standardized for uniformity , efficiency , and cost-reduction (2 ) invest in research and development to further improve the quality and durability (3 ) make the products accessible to customers by bringing the products closer to the location of the target market and (4 ) organize a strategic alliance with a car company to maximize profit and establish the brand name c ) Production of Electronic Products with Short Product Life-cycle For manufacturers of electronic products that easily become obsolete they could follow this mission for operations : to maximize profit by producing high-quality electronic product as much as the forecasted demand and heavily marketing the product while the demand is high

In support of this mission the company could employ the following operational strategies (1 establish a 24 /7 accessible communication for the people in need of the services and for the employees (between the medical teams and the customer service representatives (2 ) employ certified medical specialists with sufficient knowledge and experience in handling emergency or life-threatening situations (3 ) acquire appropriate transport vehicles (ambulance van , helicopter , and /or plane , equipment and tools that can ensure the safety and comfort of the patients and (4 ) quickly respond to calls by getting to the location in less than 10 minutes in cases of emergency or in accordance to the time and date specified by the customer b ) Production of Standard Automobile Batteries Car battery manufacturers aim to provide auto owners with high-quality automobile batteries

Some of the operational strategies to support this are listed as follows (1 invest in product research and development to produce an in-demand electronic product of excellent quality with features that would satisfy preferences of the market (2 ) heavily advertise the product in print ads and TV commercials (3 ) set a competitive price that would appear reasonable to customers and would enable the company to maximize its profit (4 ) bring the in-demand electronic

Paper Topic: Operations Mgt RUNNING HEAD : Discussion Questions Discussion Questions : Operations Management Your Name Your School Your Professor ‘s Name The Course Title and Code Discussion Questions Mission for Operations and Strategy a ) Ambulance Service Ambulance service companies cater to patients in need of transport to a hospital

To achieve this , an ambulance service company can apply the following as a mission for operations : maintain a cost-effective and smooth flow of business operations through an effective communication system for the clients and employees , professional delivery of ambulance services , and efficient use of resources

In support of this goal , the company can abide by the following mission for operations : establish an efficient production mode of high-quality , durable , and long-lasting car batteries that strictly comply with the standards and attain profit maximization through heavy marketing and strategic alliance with car companies

The main goal or mission of companies in this industry is to quickly respond to patients in need of an ambulance service and provide a fast and cost-effective transport service while ensuring their safety and comfort

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