Patriot Act

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Paper Topic: Patriot Act Running head : PATRIOT ACT : BANE TO PRIVACY OR BOON TO ANTI-TERRORISM MEASURE Patriot Act : Bane to Privacy or Boon to Anti-terrorism Measure By Institution Professor Patriot Act : Bane to Privacy or Boon to Anti-terrorism Measure INTRODUCTION Even as terrorism across the globe is alarmingly increasing , the debate on whether USA Patriot Act (better known as H

S , before coming to its own conclusion Brief Summary of the Act The USA PATRIOT Act contains the word form of the idea ‘Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism ‘ in it and it has been enacted “to deter and punish terrorist acts in the United States and around the world , to enhance law enforcement investigatory tools , and for other purposes (USA PATRIOT Act Distributed under 10 titles , this act briefs its intentions as below i ) Enhancing domestic security against terrorism ii ) Enhancing surveillance procedures iii ) Preventing any money laundering possibility towards terrorist funding iv ) Protecting the b v ) Removing obstacles to investigating terrorism vi ) Providing for victims of terrorism , public safety officers , and their families vii ) Increasing information sharing for critical infrastructure protection viii ) Strengthening the criminal laws against terrorism ix ) Improving the intelligence system , etc Summarily , this act has empowered the U

This act has also extended the connotation of “domestic terrorism Necessity of this Act Some has viewed this act as a right measure against terrorism and considers the restraints imposed on civil liberties as a “reasonable price to pay for an important weapon in fighting al Qaeda , a resourceful and adaptable enemy that is skilled at escaping detection (Yoo , 2003 This group opines that much of the uproar regarding the violation of civil liberties , especially under FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act ) is unwarranted , as the CIA and NSA has no business to “roam freely through the country detaining anyone they (Yoo 2003

By virtue of this act the immigration and the law enforcement authorities can detain or deport the immigrants suspected of terrorism

3162 , enacted since October 26 , 2001 ) is violating citizens ‘ rights has become stronger than ever , especially in the wake of recent incidents of FBI ‘s detention of citizens or invading their privacy of the under this act

law enforcement agencies in such ways , where they can search telephone , e-mail , medical , financial and other records of a citizen , without letting him /her know the basis of such acts

But these views have not been able to placate the protests against this act from many quarters Questions Raised by the Protesters The protesters argue that the contents of FISA – which has the power to issue “secret warrants ” against American citizens , was once used exclusively against the foreign spies , and since there are no

It has empowered the Secretary of the Treasury ‘s authority to regulate monetary transaction , especially when it involves foreign individuals or organizations

Thus this identifies its implications on the citizens ‘ privacy rights in the U

To them this act has done some common-sense adjustments

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