Paul Revere

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According to his report , If the British went by water , we would show two lanthorns (lanterns ) in the North Church steeple and , if by land , one ‘ Almost a century later (1863 ) the ride was at least commemorated by Longfellow in the poem that begins Listen , my children , and you shall hear Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere On the eighteenth of April , in Seventy-Five Hardly a man is now alive Who remembers that famous day and year On the night of April 18 , Paul Revere left Charlestown to alert the countryside that the British were coming

The Midnight Ride While in Concord , Paul Revere and militiamen arranged the signals for his ride to Lexington

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He taught his silversmith craft to Paul , who became a master of the trade At the age of 21 , Paul Revere joined the British in an unsuccessful attack on the French fort at Crown Point , New York

His fame as a hero of the American Revolution is largely due to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ‘s popular , but somewhat inaccurate , poem Paul Revere ‘s Ride

He also made pictorial engravings In 1773 , Paul Revere led several associates in the Boston Tea party raid

Revere was also a cartoonist and a pioneer industrialist (Longfellow , 2000 The purpose of this study is to know the in-depth history of Paul Revere II

After warning John Hancock and Samuel Adams to flee Lexington , he was joined by William Dawes , who had made a similar ride from Boston

They were approached by British troops and Paul Revere was captured

Dawes fled to Lexington , but Prescott rode on to Concord

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