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Another which made me become what I am right now is the idea and the fact that my grandfather was not able to go to school because his family could not afford to send him to any school but still he did his best and gave his time and dedication towards working in for him to send his family enough money for living As a child grown from the kind of character that my grandpa imposed over me , I have been motivated to become a person just like he was or rather more than that of what he has been

As a person himself , I could say that my grandfather is indeed a hardworking man , full of passion with what he does , determined and certain with his decisions and most of all full of love and care not only for his own children but also for his grandchildren like me

Thus , I will succeed because I have been made strong and experienced by time and by all the factors which helped me to be inspired the experiences which shaped my determined character to be certain with what I soon want to achieve I am a student from Sekolah Pelita Harapan from Jakarta Indonesia I am an active student in this school and was able to achieve the Most improved student ‘ in the year 11

The story behind my great sense of responsibility and determination right now is about my grandfather ‘s death which almost lured me to lose my will in school and other things as well My grandfather is whom I could say I got my determination with , since I was a kid , he was the one who rear me and give all the emotional needs that a child needs in for me to grow and develop as a good person He was the one who takes care of me and shows me love and affection more than that of how much my own parents showed me

In this sense , some of those who are determined like me are really working hard at school in to pursue our goals and soon achieve what we are up to

Just like what every people dreamed of I intend to obtain my desired profession with pride and justification

Grandpa worked hard and was able to send all his five children to the United States to obtain a high standard of education , thus , at his old year of age , he was still able to work and provide for his family by managing and improving a big company which is really a difficult thing to do

During my early ages in school , I was just an easygoing kid of some sort but that was when I was still not alarmed of how I should act in school in a right sense of obligation as a student

Paper Topic: Personal Statement Personal Statement Studying hard is really difficult for some of those who lack dedication and conviction towards achieving

During my grandfather ‘s death , I was

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