Personal Statement for admission into a Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

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A practicing physical therapist is someone who helps people with disabilities overcome their physical limitations through proper therapy programs whose end results is either a return to normal life for the patient or a restoration and maintenance of a physically disabled person ‘s healthy and fit lifestyle When we see a physical therapist in action , we do not give much thought to what we see him or her doing because it looks like a simple exercise to us

Aside from the previous exposure I had , I also currently work for a high school where I am privileged to be able to see how many of our sports team members benefit from physical therapy as they recover from their sports related injuries I believe that physical therapy fascinates me so because it that one field of science that helps a person understand how body mechanics is used in to insure uniform and proper functions of the body ‘s physical system

While I help my patients recover their muscle strength , range of motion and movement , as well as decreasing their physical pain , I will also make sue that I develop proper treatment programs for them that would encompass the areas of exercise , massage , hot and cold therapies , and perhaps , electrical stimulation when necessary Physical therapy is a field of specialization wherein I see myself flourishing once my education has been completed

Paper Topic: Personal Statement for admission into a Doctor of Physical Therapy Program br My younger brother was born with some physical handicaps that , to this day , hinders his physical skills and motor development

And also , due to my constant exposure to the already existing professionals in this field , I will have the advantage of being able to discuss my knowledge as I acquire it , with the people in the know who can also help me learn more about the hands on aspect of physical therapy

I consider myself a witness to the benefits and healing powers of physical therapy My brother is ample proof that physical therapy has a positive impact on his life and that with the proper physical training , he can accomplish objectives that seem impossible for somebody like him to do

Eventually , I hope to be able to gather a group of medical professionals , such as a few of my physical therapy classmates and open up our own physical therapy clinic that will be charging for those who can afford to pay , and be rendering free service for the underprivileged of the city who need our services

From that moment on , my parents and I began taking turns in performing simple physical therapy procedures on him in to help his body develop properly

A physical therapist must be well versed in the proper procedures pertaining to the assessment and creating of the treatment programs as necessary for specific disabilities

As the baby boomers of the country continue to age , the field of Physical Therapy will only widen and become more rewarding for the people who practice it

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