Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan

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I am battling with obesity but I am ready to fight back with every ounce of energy within me According to Wikipedia , Obesity is a condition in which the natural energy reserve , stored in the fatty tissue of humans and other mammals is increased to a point where it is associated with certain health conditions or increased mortality Although obesity is an individual clinical condition , it is increasingly viewed as a serious and growing public health problem : excessive body weight has been shown to predispose to various diseases , particularly cardiovascular diseases , diabetes mellitus type 2 , sleep apnea and osteoarthritis Obesity can be defined in absolute or relative terms

The goals are broadly classified under 2 broad groups , which are Short- term goals Long- term goals The 4 nutritional or physical exercise goals are Attainment of normal shape Activation of the body mechanism to their fullest potential Avoidance of a condition where the body is excessively activated that it reaches its yielding point To ensure that the achievement of the process is permanent and reversal to the previous status quo is avoided Fitness Goals My long-term goal is to walk one mile , then

9 Obesity BMI of 30 or greater Causes and mechanisms : How I got to this point Lifestyle I not only had an increased dietary intake but also merged a sedentary lifestyle with it Genetics As with many medical conditions , the calorific imbalance that results in obesity often develops from a combination of genetic and environmental factors

In practical settings , obesity is typically evaluated in absolute terms by measuring BMI (body mass index , but also in terms of its distribution through waist circumference or waist-hip circumference ratio measurements

My family history has some obesity episodes and my lifestyle provided the necessary calories to kick start it The Plan To select a feasible program to help me solve this problem , I have to set my goals straight

I am of this generation but made a mistake of not adequately controlling what goes into my mouth and not only that , I did not ensure that I utilize all energy derived from the foods as a result of the sedentary lifestyles that most youths imbibe today

Polymorphisms in various genes controlling appetite metabolism , and adipokine release predispose to obesity , but the condition requires availability of sufficient calories , and possibly other factors , to develop fully

Using the BMI categories , I fall into the obese range BMI Categories Underweight 18

Paper Topic: Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan p Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan Targeted at Combating Obesity (A personal experience The present generation could be said to be a blessed one with the relatively abundant varieties from which we can make our choices

These are meant to affect some areas of my day-to-day living : eating , exercise a lot of check and balances need to be done

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