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If you are less than fluent you will need to translate the question before you can answer , thus moving the response from the subconscious speech centers to the conscious mind [ (b ) Can the arguments Wittgenstein employs against the idea that understanding words is a conscious process be adapted to show that intending or meaning to say words is not a conscious process that begins before I say them Wittgenstein argues that the meaning of a word is defined as we use it not by some memory flash card system begun when we are children

What I meant to say was ‘ James argues that this happens when the precognition of our own mind fails to work rapidly enough to anticipate the reaction of the person we are speaking to and choose the proper words to convey to a thought stream to that specific person

James argues that it is a subconscious thing , which implies then that speech is a learned ability you can train the subconscious mind

Does he think of it as a process in consciousness James argues that our phrasing intended to say ‘ is an almost wrong explanation on a subconscious or even psychic thing that it happening within our minds

The point is that we never consciously form the words in our minds or even draw upon our memory banks to call to mind images of the thing that we mean to say

Instead , it is an unconscious function of the mind that we hear something and choose to respond to it with some form of language

Teachers argue that you cannot speak another language fluently until you can think in that language

How ‘s she doing ‘ there is never a point at which the conscious mind stops and chooses the words to use This might therefore make an interesting discussion for linguists and psychologists to determine how speech actually happens

The intended sentence would be , How ‘s she doing ‘ As the speaker you would not have planned out the conversation or thought specifically about what to ask , but when you speak and say , How ‘s he doing ‘ the immediate response is to say , `I meant she

On the most basic level , it means that our minds did not act quickly enough to substitute the proper word into a sentence For example , imagine talking to your best friend about her sister

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