Philip K Dick

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He was later shown a preview of some of the special effects and the working script before his death and is said to have been d with it (Sutin 1 Regardless of his later reaction to the script , Dick was a troubled man He was first diagnosed as a schizophrenic when he was in seventh grade and later mental evaluations both differed and verified the diagnosis Regardless of the specifics , it is clear that Dick suffered from a severe form of mental illness in addition to a drug problem (Sutin 1 And , in 1974 , he had what most people would have classified as an encounter with extraterrestrials

`Paycheck ‘ leads to the question of whether a person would be willing to sacrifice all his memories for money and if , having said yes , he should be able to change his mind Like Fitzgerald needed the Jazz Age , Dick needed the modern word people were beginning to rethink their

Dick ‘ 1 But it is also more likely that the sudden interest in Dick ‘s work has more to do with the work itself than the loss of the man that created it

Though he never called it such and openly discussed the possibility that the visions and auditory events may have been hallucinations brought on by his mental illness , the reports of the incident did nothing to make him appear more stable Since his death , the rights to his work have been handled by a trust comprised of his three children who seek to maintain his work as he envisioned it ( Philip K

Indeed science fiction films before Blade Runner ‘ and especially before Star Wars ‘ were more fantastical voyages beyond the stars than the complex moral and ethical dilemmas set forth in Dick ‘s work

During the initial work on Blade Runner , Dick who was not directly involved in the project gave an interview criticizing the film adaptation

Blade Runner ‘ forces the viewer /reader to contemplate issues of humanity and the questions of genetic research and to some extent the definition of life and the soul

Dick was able to achieve some success in the publication of his science fiction short stories and even published 16 novels in the course of just seven years in the early 1960s , but the author was always frustrated with his lack of mainstream success

Minority Report ‘ asks questions about free will and we have always taken for granted , like air

Since his death , seven of his works have been made into motion pictures – a number surpassed only by Stephen King (Sutin 1

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