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They now deem of a new world where collective identity ‘ is amass Issues on Islam Politics Islam Politics is not a community that bases its actions in sacred theological texts , rather it holds more onto tradition that gives definition to how they were in the past and how they are now that does not differ much from the past (Amin Their anti-liberal theological methods causes them to be submissive and harmonize an empty phrase Islam is the answer ‘ which in no way different back from the way Christianity forced itself during the pre-European times and not in any way had been successful (Amin It can ‘t be denied either that a few number of radical extremists had resorted to global terrorist attacks and suicide bombings , causing a lot of innocent lives and grief all over the world Spinoza in Theological-Political treatise Baruch Spinoza , born as a Portuguese Jew lived a life as an exile due to his studies in Physical Science and later on excommunicated by rabbis and made sure was banished from Amsterdam

Paper Topic: Philosophy [Author ‘s Name] [University] [Subject] December 18 , 2007 Spinoza ‘s would be ‘ Philosophy on Political Islam It is astounding to discover that in this world of contemporary times there is such an existence where grey areas are absent and everything ‘s seen as black and white , where humanity is not a number one priority but to believe , or not to believe in a faith that is seen as more important than life

He brought the idea of liberty-theology and was widely known for his works , which once became the guide to pre-modern times In one of his most popularized book , Theological-Political treatise he tackled about the length of the historical incidences of the composition and conveyance of the Bible , which revealed the shortcomings of authors and interpreters alike

Instead he became a simple lens grinder , produced books regarding philosophy and ethics and died at alcoholism at the age of 44 (Encarta Spinoza ‘s philosophy plays a vital role in the history of biblical deconstruction , literature , contemporary physics , and 20th-century thinking

An anti-westernization group where progress is limited and state and religion come hand in hand However , it can ‘t be contradicted , that these socio-political movement had been wide spreading , particularly in areas where there ‘s minimum progress and people are suffering from poverty and mistreatment

A place where woman have no rights and are treated as second class citizens , stripped of their freedom to marry of their own will travel without a companion or simply to live a life that is worth more than what is being attributed to them now

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He perpetuated that open conversation is not only necessary for a state to be prosperous and secured but essential He explained that freedom flourishes best with a democratic state where individuals are left to their undertaking and where religious organization is under the power of the government

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