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They believed that a person identity is identified as its attributes in the given time On the other hand , the physicalists ‘ theory of personal identity deals with the conventional understanding of personal identity

It will identify you by how you react in a certain time and by looking at your experiences These theories had been name as the three major theories of the problem of personal identify

And it explained all aspects of human identity better Allegory of the Cave The Allegory of the Cave explains that people can be compared to prisoners chained in a cave and who cannot turn their heads

In other words , you can identify a person by his appearance , from the composition of his body or on how you relate to him Another theory on the problem of personal was presented by the neo-Lockian ‘ criteriologists

Paper Topic: philosophy Running Head : PHILOSOPHY Philosophy Student Name University /School Professor Subject Philosophy The Problem of Identity over Time The notion of personal identity was widely debated since the age of early philosophers

The prisoners cannot see the puppeteers and the puppets , only the shadows and echoes From this allegory , Plato believes that the prisoners thought that the mistaken appearance , or the shadows on the wall , is real

But I think the most plausible is the theory of the essentialist because it had explained all aspects of a person ‘s identity than the other two theories

The problem set out when many theories emerges Essentialists had imagined a person ‘s identity as substance

The puppeteers carry puppets which cast shadows on the wall

Many philosophers had argued on how you would identify a person

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