Picture Bride by Yoshiko Ushida

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In fact , some of them had fully embraced being an American and had lost their Japanese culture In the time frame covered in the novel , Hana ‘s generation ‘s assimilation processes cannot bring them to fully integrate into American Society

Paper Topic: Picture Bride by Yoshiko Ushida Hana ‘s generation to Mary ‘s (3 points It was an unspoken ideal for Japanese immigrants , whether issei or nisei to be fully integrated and accepted into American society

However , in Mary ‘s generation this had changed because their distinction between what constituents Japanese culture and American culture is blurred

Mary communicates to Taro because he speaks English well in contrast to Hana who needs Japanese language translation for her to fully grasp what Mary wants to say

Mary ‘s generation are American citizens

In Hana ‘s generation , assimilation is through conforming to laws , rules and sanctions imposed on them

While they also experience discrimination , they have a choice whether to submit to the demands of their citizenship or their obligation to their parents 4

During their time , laws were imposed preventing them to enjoy the benefits of citizenship

What conditions bring Mary to the particular choices she makes as a young adult

They are conscious of their own culture and of what practice offends Americans that they should avoid

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