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With Blake ‘s work there is still a sense of subtlety present and this makes for a more powerful message as the combination of symbolism , allusion and personification of the “lamb of God ” and its relationship with the human condition (did not God make you as well

As such , a closer examination of the value of these poems will be conducted “Did he who made the Lamb make thee (Blake This is a very unique allusion to the Creator and it is weaved in a very subtle manner and it is this subtlety that makes it so profound

This is a far better feeling to invoke from a person as opposed to an overly obvious message that can do little more than state exposition The world is charged with the grandeur of God It will flame out , like shining from shook foil (Hopkins There is a certain verbal irony in the passage as Hopkins most definitely draws an illusion to God and compares God ‘s necessities to the folly of human beings

When a message is too overt it lacks a certain sense of profoundness and instead , becomes a glorified lecture

Paper Topic: Poem Poem There poems in which we have examined all provide a unique insight into humanity

Granted , each and every approach that the particular poet takes is different and these poems are certainly not all cut from the same cloth so to speak , but they all share a certain commonality to them : they avoid exposition and instead use complex literary devices to stress their themes and ideologies

As such , they act in means that take them further and further away from what God would prefer

The symbolism of the “flame out ” would in essence , indicate that the path away from God is a path to nothingness which creates a setting that clearly indicates the point of view of the author in the manner of a simile : a barren earth is a world without God and God and the individual depart from one another based on the individual ‘s erroneous choices Similarly , the notion of persona and point of view is clearly evident in Dawes ‘ statement that “I should have heard the iambic ebb and roll of sea lapping against an alien shore ” as it provides another insight into the notion of being a stranger in a strange land

Will you not live up to his image ) creates a certain sense of introspection within anyone who reads these words

This subtlety possesses far greater impact that any expository manner could ever yield

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