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In as few as four lines , the reader is offered an illumination about life , invaluable insight that would make him understand the events in his life and the world in general Such illuminations are found in the following poems : London by William Blake offers us a tour of the London ‘s gloomy streets Traveling through the Dark ‘ penned by William Stafford , gives the readers a poignant account of death

Paper Topic: Poem Illumination Page 01 ILLUMINATION The Power of Illumination in Poetry Customer ‘s Name Customer ‘s Affiliation Illumination Page 02 The Power of Illumination in Poetry The stunning power of illumination found in poetry is a luxury for readers who love to read verses

The tone of the persona is obviously dark and foreboding , warning the reader of despair and death William Stafford ‘s Traveling through the Dark ‘ on the other hand , uses the issue of death to illustrate a lesson about life

cummings , mourns the death of popular cowboy , William Frederick “Buffalo Bill ” Cody Illumination Page 03 In London ‘ by William Blake , the persona characterizes London as a gloomy , oppressive place

People ‘s faces are marked with woe and despair , and the only sound the reader `hears ‘ in the poem are cries

To leave the deer and its doe on the road would cause accidents and therefore cause more deaths , so he decides to push the deer to fall onto the river

The images portrayed in the poem are dark and disturbing

The popular Robert Frost poem , Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening ‘ documents the pull between responsibility and abandon The wonderful poem , Rain ‘ by Naomi Shihab Nye , describes safety through the eyes of a child

The persona gives the reader an account of a dead deer , pregnant with a doe lying on a narrow road

Rich in figurative language , the poem effectively uses the word , swerve ‘ to prove the point that big decisions in

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