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The poem makes use of verbal irony specifically in the last lines where the author uses sarcasm to make her point The poem For my Mother ‘ makes use of vivid imagery

The poem also shifts in setting First , it shows the woman ‘s place and then it moves to the scientists and back to the woman In Reina Maria Rodriguez ‘s , When a Woman doesn ‘t Sleep ‘ readers see a change in point of view

The author shifts from third person to second person and then finally to first person point of view at the end of the poem

Also , Rodriguez makes use of personification specifically in the section of the first stanza where she describes the eyes of a woman as Hunters of stars ‘ The tone in the poem ‘s ending is that of a threat and a warning

The tone shifts from romance to mourning as the author moves to describing her father ‘s funeral In Madness Disguise Sanity ‘ the speaker and persona in the poem are one and the same

Metaphor is also used to describe how the words the men utter are evaded by other people Personification and imagery are very abundant in the poem , Leaving the Coast ‘ by Jennifer Rahim

The taste buds act like humans as the author describes what people must do when they find themselves in situations or places that they are unaccustomed to In the poem Robert Frost , the speaker is the persona as

The author uses the taste buds as the primary persona in the poem which the speaker is describing

Readers , upon reading the title , immediately know that the poem is about a woman described as being fat and black

Paper Topic: Poems In William Butler ‘s poem , The Second Coming ‘ the speaker of the poem is describing the end of the world with reference to the Christian perspective on the matter

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