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These concrete images and specific setting makes this poem distinct from other death poems by other poets Although she is criticized for using mere fragmentary indicative notation ‘ but this poem clearly manifests that Emily Dickenson ‘s style from the third through the sixth stanza , masterfully demonstrates how differing qualities of language can be used to suggest modes of being which are wholly separate from one another

Though the individual images in the lines nineteen and twenty are still clear enough- The roof was scarcely visible- /The Cornice-in the Ground- the picture into which the images fit remains blurred and indefinite , refuse to come into focus Emily Dickenson ‘s aim is to record the passage from life , where everything is tangible and hence easily apprehended , to the `otherness of the death , realm in which thing are obscure and intangible

Paper Topic: Poetry Because I could not stop for Death In some of her death poems , Emily Dickenson attempts an imaginative construction of her own death

This was an ability that was entirely unique with Emily Dickenson Death and Immortality are concrete personifications that specify the dying act

It emphasizes four qualities : light (the sun imagery , warmth and vitality (the children and `the field of gazing grain , and incessant motion (drove , strove , the repeated `passed

Her ability to find specific and concrete image , actions and personifications that would transfix death at the very point of striking

To bring these intangible things into light , she juxtaposes a precise and pictorial diction with a language that is left

One of her best written poem on this theme is `Because I could not stop for Death

She uses concrete and specific images for this purpose

She uses the informal language that is representative of standard speech of her time , the concrete and the abstract , the words of the young people and the theological words of orthodox preachers

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