Police Administration

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Changing the way citizens view the department and even the way the department views itself can therefore lead to better policing Essay 2 – Discuss inside-out approach compare to Chapter 9 Chief Managan and Chief Couper decided to use the inside-out approach because they were taking over seriously outdated police departments that were in need of major improvements

Although they were also able to discuss the long term objectives of every police agency , they were able to focus on a modern approach to policing that change to protect and serve , to a more modern interpretation , still emphasizing the need to serve their communities , but redefining the core values that can help them achieve this Managan ‘s approach to developing a mission statement also resulted in a two-page mission statement instead of the single paragraphs used in Houston , Portland and Madison

While most departments begin with a mission statement and devise all their goals , strategies , tactics and behaviors out of the mission statement Chief Managan decided to do things a bit differently , beginning with the objectives that he wanted his department to achieve and branching backwards and forwards to define the mission and the behaviors based on the objectives

This has meant that his department has a much more focused and goal-oriented mission than some other police organizations By changing the manner in which his police department developed its strategy , Managan allowed the current needs and concerns of the agency to shine through

If either chief had taken over a modern department with up to date facilities , this approach would have been silly and unworkable In this case , the best example of leadership was to recognize that the department required serious revision before the officers could be expected to improve In Chief Cooper ‘s case , the Madison department had a leadership problem He felt that until the upper management was behaving in a manner consistent with his expectations of his police officers , he could not ask the officers for major change

Paper Topic: Police Administration Essay 1–Compare Spokane ‘s Mission and goals to other departments The primary difference between the SPD mission and goals and those of other departments was the manner in which they were developed

This means that the committee was able to address more thoroughly the intent of the police department and make certain that the mission statement accurately portrays what the police do and intend to do

By taking the mission statement a step further Chief Managan ‘s group eliminated any ambiguity about what the officers and the department believe their job entails

For example , few departments see the need to specify that they will create and maintain or protect the rights of the citizens , especially those that choose to apply the simple motto as a mission statement

This approach is only effective when the department is thoroughly outmoded and there are major improvements to be made

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