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Each form of government has it ‘s own pros and cons , and the debate of whether one is better than the other has long been a subject of discussion The main difference between the two forms of government is how the extent governmental powers are distributed and /or separated between branches of the government , and whether one branch has or does not have power over another

In the presidential form of government , political and administrative powers are distinctly divided between the executive branch (the President , the legislative branch (i

Today , two of the most popular and well-known forms of government are the presidential form of government and the parliamentary form of government

This serves as a check and balance for both branches , ensuring that one does not overpower the other In the parliamentary form of government , however , there is a fusion of power between the legislative and executive branch

The President has the power to veto the bill , preventing it ‘s execution , but the legislature may override the President ‘s veto , provided they can gather enough votes to do so ( Parliamentary versus Presidential governments

Political parties also hold less of an impact on the presidential system than on then parliamentary system since the President can still be voted in office regardless of whether his or her political party is a minority or not

In parliamentary system , it ‘s almost always the ruling party which holds dominance over the outcome of the election of head of government Given the choice , from the points stated , I would rather be a citizen of a country ruled by a parliamentary government , like the United Kingdom

Hence , almost always , the constituents of the executive and the legislature branches are the same ( Governing Systems and Executive-Legislative Relations The terms of office for both heads of the government also varies

Parliamentary Government Every nation , ever since the dawn of civilization , has always had some form of government

In the presidential system of government , the President serves a specific defined term

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