Politics and the English Language (including propaganda, and “doublespeak`) (How politicians and the government use the English language to their advantage)

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Paper Topic: Politics and the English Language (including propaganda, and “doublespeak`) (How politicians and the government use the English language to their advantage) Name Instructor ‘s name Course Date THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND POLITICS Anything to do with a like this has to start with a genuflection to George Orwell ‘s classic essay `Politics and the English language Orwell wrote his piece to express his distaste of the way English spoken and written , was being used in politics as well as by politicians

An inappropriate use of metaphors succeeded in killing the eloquent power of the language – politicians circumvented issues by saying what they really did not mean Ultimately , the state of the language in politics mirrored the mediocre level of society and the sheer inability to use imaginative thinking Coming from Orwell during a time when the world , this essay punches in the forceful argument that when times are bad , the language used will also be a reflection of that state of mind

Because of the increasing influence of electronic media , politicians take every opportunity to blame their rivals , winning a few brownie points over this or that inconsequential matter – yet one gets the impression that they use their articulation to step around the real issues – if there was a problem , it should never have occurred in the first place and that they have a constitutional responsibility to their citizens to be transparent (Fletcher , 56 To be fair to them , politicians are perfectly decent people but when it comes to politics , they belong to a party after all and it is to its declared agenda that they must stick to

Political parties of all hues jumped to the statistics bandwagon and those able to speak in English would deviously manipulate these to push a winning image for their party Politicians of all hues have used phrases like `we have paid them back in their own coin (we have crushed all opposition in our constituency `this is a victory for the people (we are a little surprised at this win ) on television to squeeze every little bit of propaganda from the air waves (Lamb , 398 Another art politicians practice , is that of the measured response to long winded questions lest they be pinned down to specifics

Grown men would be stripped of their capacity to mature intellectually and their vocabulary would be reduced to the language of 3 to 4 year old children This way , a populace would not be able to sense any deception by way of propaganda or doctored speech and even less so , would be able to articulate their feelings because language was so stunted

One world leader has gaffes like this one to his credit- speaking out for an increase of budgets for his country ‘s defense , he stated ‘Our enemies are innovative and resourceful when it comes to thinking of ways to harm our country and so are we ‘ – when all he meant was `even we should be equally resourceful in protecting our country (Fletcher , 56 In most cases , politicians take shelter behind the many ways English could be manipulated

Politics is not a genteel matter of debate and conversation nowadays and one can hardly expect that politicians to use reason , logic and cultured speech in their dealings Propaganda is very well used nowadays and may sound like bravado in some cases

As one of the bad examples Orwell even picked on the writing of Professor Harold Laski (Dollard 577-8 To this day , political language fully lives up to these apprehensions The language of politicians is used like a screen to filter what they actually think and what they say

Ask politicians to actually spell out issues and they would resort to firing broadsides in very cultured English no doubt – but ultimately pointless and indicative of an inability for original thinking – the part has more urgent things to do like winning an election

In political debates or question answer sessions , these men of politics use vague , very broad speech to prevent the opposition from picking out holes in something they stated – after all , nothing really is stated

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