Portals and Collabortion

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Paper Topic: Portals and Collabortion p BENEFITS OF INTERNET BASED INTRANET ON FOR YOUR COMFORT COMPANY ‘S OPERATION December 15 , 2007 FYC Company ‘s management effort to expand its market into the different territories of the world calls for a more complicated and riskier management

The conventional mail- ‘ technique was replaced by an e-commerce website which gives customers the capability to view , select , and makes product s from any part of the world reached by its operation Because websites are accessible to the internet , it is one of the most effective media of disseminating product information to different people around the world , more people gets informed

However , this is only one aspect of the business operation that needs to be improved and there are other management tasks that need an immediate attention Another problem faced by the FYC management arose in its communication system

Its internet based processing eliminates the need to hire sales agents and the need to build more distribution stores at some extent

An intranet ‘s Websites look and act just like any other Websites , but the firewall surrounding an intranet fends off unauthorized access

This traditional method is not just time consuming but mostly produces erroneous results There is a need for a development of an internet based intranet

mail- system , -based transactions ) as high volumes of data and information needs to be kept and processed at a time

Company-specific s and information can be stored in a company ‘s server and can be accessible by its authorities from different locations

FYC must install client computers on its branches and each shall be connected to the company ‘s server through an intranet website It is firewalled ‘ so there is only little security risk involved with it , most of the times firewalls are effective security tool against hackers and online

In its endeavor to resolve these problems , the management decided to adapt the use of Information Technology in its operation

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