Poverty in India

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Outsourcing while creating a boon for the Indian economy , has also intensified that gap by creating new social classes and spawning new cultural changes Therefore , because of the weak economic fundamentals of the Indian Economy , instead of narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor , it is instead widened and fewer jobs are created thus leading to more widespread poverty The greatest problem that these poor fundamentals present to society however is the widening of social divisions that are already existent in society

The creation and birth of a new type of middle class society which is predominantly comprised of members of the youth sector is creating a class that is being socially and culturally alienated from the rest of society , particularly in the traditionally conservative Indian society

For others , the pressure of keeping the job and maintaining the accustomed lifestyle isolates them from other members of society in their efforts to generate more income In India where the economic disparity was historically at lower levels the introduction of higher paying jobs as a result of business process outsourcing has increased the rift between social and economic classes as well

The problem is that even with the robust economic growth of India the schism between the rich and the poor continues to grow

This economic growth of India has been heralded as one of the most amazing success stories of the 20th century The growth rates that India has been posting over the past five years have made it one of the reasons why investments have risen in the area

In the Indian model the social rifts that are created deal with the differences from within the family unit in relation to the outside society

New work habits and consumer patterns have created a new class that enjoys the more expensive and extravagant lifestyle that is supported by the relatively high wages that receive as compared with the rest of Indian society

There is very little time to spend in the household where more solid and fundamental values are instilled and nurtured and instead the constant exposure to western society has resulted in a degradation of whatever morals were created or instilled in the first place

Paper Topic: Poverty in India With 44 percent (44 ) of the global outsourcing market in the off shore sector for software and other business process currently being hosted by India , it has fast gained global recognition as the premier global destination for business process outsourcing

05 million as of March 2005 , India has greatly increased its economic output and per capita GDP

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