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Paper Topic: PRIVACY RIGHTS AND PRESS FREEDOMS Running Head : Privacy Rights and Press Freedoms Name University Course Tutor Date Common privacy rights held by US citizens In the US constitution , there is no explicit right to privacy , but the supreme court has ruled the option of limited constitutional right of privacy which is now contained on several provision in the bill of rights , this include a right to privacy from any form of government surveillance , into an area where an individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy , and in all matters that relates to marriage br procreation , contraception , family relations child bearing and education even some states have explicitly incorporated privacy protections into their state constitutions

The conflicts citizens recognize are when a state official accepts gifts and a person asks for something in return , when a minister is the owner of a private company related to his ministry field , and when a state official presents the position of a party at a press conference , in the case where he is invited as a state official (Sarah , 2000 What is the freedom of Information Act , who does it benefit Freedom of information act , or FOLA , is essentially a way for the public in general to access all publicly available records

In press freedom , citizens believe that the conflict of private and public interests , the press gives priority to private over that of public interest , others conflicting interests between free press and citizens include making material profit , misuse and illegal accumulation of wealth , abuse of power and political profit , in addition to corruption and other several performing functions

However the court recognizes a right of anonymity and also the right of political groups of preventing the disclosure of the names of their members , to government agencies (Doran , 1999 Ways citizens want the press to address their privacy The US citizens want their news s delivered on the front porch , and not in the `bushes

Some even want the journalists to keep out of their personal life if they can ‘t `keep-off the limits ‘ and take care of the world government (Sarah , 2000 When do the media conflict with citizen privacy The citizens believe that an interest presents the basis for non-ethical and unacceptable conduct of state officials

But there is a sect oral approach to privacy regulation for the records held by third parties like the consumer marketing pros or telephone calling records they are protected unless a legislature has enacted a specific law

There is a general understanding among `reasonable ‘ people of America who agree that certain aspects of life are `off-limits ‘ of the press coverage that is to say a line should be drawn on certain things because there are certain thing which are open to the public while others are not

However , most journalists respect this concept and strive to act reasonably while others neither have nor respect for privacy and they normally push the boundaries in the name of decency

It basically meant to benefit the public , but unfortunately , the media is actually misusing , as


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