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While there are various brand names and products , each of the products and brand names is based around the same idea : that a dietary /herbal supplement will extend the size of a man ‘s penis and — also in many cases of the advertised products , there are associated claims that love-making will be enhanced by way of stamina and sensation “ExtenZe all natural male-enhancement ” pills are the quintessential example of the ‘penis enlargement ” products even a cursory examination of their advertisements and claims made by way of advertising about the alleged benefits of the product skirt the edges of blatant fraud

Get Wider ” and also claims that there are “no gimmicks ” associated with the product or its claims , but “Just Real Science ” which , at the very face of the claim , seems a bit odd , considering the claim of “all natural ” and “organic ” which preceded the bit about “real science ” So , the company is trying to promote the idea that their product is both “natural ” and “scientific which are , obviously , both adjectives which work against the notion of attempted “penis enlargement In the long rue , the claims of the product ‘s ads are evidently specious as has been born out by the vast number of dissatisfied purchasers of penis extension products

Paper Topic: Product Advertising Product Advertising Product Advertising I ‘s possible that , although the disingenuousness of many advertisements is quite subtle and difficult to quantify without extensive parsing and evaluation of specific claims and inferences made in product related ads , that the standard for the level of misleading information in advertisements is “slipping ” even further into the area of blatant fraud and direct dishonesty

The product is , of course “ExtenZe : All Natural Male-Enhancement ” pills and the claim made by the advertisement is that taking “ExtenZe ” will increase the size of a man ‘s penis , which , in turn , will result in more satisfactory lovemaking for the man and his partner (s meanwhile , additional benefits will be : a sense of strong personal confidence , and the feeling of being a “man ” In fact , the web-site offers a video ad on it ‘s home-page which features a group of “cave-men ” all in awe of the ‘caveman ” who has taken “ExtenZe The web-site screams “Get Bigger

While it is true that “scams ” have existed ad nauseum throughout human history , the distinction between a scam product and a legitimate product seems to have become quite hard to point to in the modern age of media frenzy and frenzy for profit An excellent case in point regarding the downward turn in advertising standards is are the plethora of “male enhancement ” products presently on the market

The advertisement at the product ‘s web-site contains most of the claims and approaches which are evident in the product ‘s TV ads and other ads

The sad truth of the matter is that true scientific investigation of the claims of penis enlargement ill sellers has proven that there is no evidence whatsoever to support their claims “To the surprise of of the investigators , analyses


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