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Paper Topic: Promotion Plan Promotion Plan Market Assessment After undertaking a User analysis , the subsequent consumer features have been identified : – Key consumers Video games and CDs buyers Play Station 2 buyers Features of these consumers Knowledge : Consumers have fine information of the video games and CDs Experience and skills : Medium /low level skills A requirements analysis has identified the following Provide a large range of God of War Play Station 3 Offer reduced priced God of War Play Station 3 Offer discounts Present easy to use web interface p Consumers should be able to browse the site without necessary registering or logging in to the site Provide a specification of God of War Play Station 3 Provide a search facility Most of the competitors in Spain and Latin American countries at initial stage have all moved their organizations to online

Play Station 3 should concentrate online if they are to gain a larger consumer base and win consumers from their competitors by competing on price and by having a larger range of God of War Play Station 3 Benefits /Costs /Risks Issues and Constraints SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis of Play Station 3 determines the strengths , weaknesses opportunities and threats of Play Station 3 as a strategic analysis of an organization

Strengths and Weaknesses are connected with the internal aspects of Play Station 3 while the opportunities and threats identify the external factors Strengths Quality of service second to Growing reputation Market Knowledge Well recognized brand Weaknesses No IT Staff No past experience New Business Approach New Strategies Opportunities E-Commerce Increased Standard of Living Larger Demand for cheaper God of War Play Station 3 Win New consumer base Threats Existing competition New Competition Issues and Constraints Security as Play Station 3 will be putting firm critical data into someone else ‘s hand But Play Station 3 would not have to worry about this as their choice of implementation is Shop creator , ASP would ensure security Competition would be intense as consumers want quality God of War Play Station 3

As they are not the first to enter the market they will have to look at their competitors and not make the mistakes they made There is the risk that you may not be able to capture the market By working online , Play Station 3 hopes to condense the whole operational costs , as there will be no shop or physical infrastructure so the cost of running them will diminish , even though there may be a little charge for having a bank account

By working online Play Station 3 would move into a different market , it will operate in a smaller market with few competitors but a fiercely fought one

Play Station 3 would also benefit from a large consumer base Bibliography Berninger , V

Play Station 3 would have to establish a consumer relationship

From the information collected , there are several players in the market


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