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Antonio Santiago , 63 years old transferred from Fairton Federal Correctional Institution in New Jersey to the Federal Correctional Complex in Coleman , Florida I have elevated this matter to your kind office for the purpose of br giving my family a chance to spend the little time that is left of my uncle while he is still in prison – alive

This has been his 3rd reassignment since he was convicted of a lifetime imprisonment on June 18 , 1993 Before this , he has been assigned to the Herlong Federal Correctional Institution in California and the Englewood Federal Correctional Institution in Lakewood Colorado to name a few

Since he will be serving a lifetime imprisonment , we would like to spend more time with our uncle for the remaining days that he has of his life I know that my uncle

He has been sentenced to a lifetime of imprisonment and has always been assigned to the institutions that are relatively far away from home

Antonio Santiago , transferred to the Federal Correctional Complex in Coleman , Florida

Joseph Crocker Warden Federal Correctional Institution Fairton , New Jersey , USA Dear Sir Greetings My uncle , Mr

Having him transferred near our hometown would also help us , his family accept the fact that he will die and not see the beauty and the developments made in this country Thank you for your understading Respectfully yours Marina Santiago December 23 , 2007 Mr

We have elevated this matter to our social worker , but it seems that the only ones being assigned near their homes are those who are about to get released In this regard , I am writing to your good office for the purpose of having my uncle , Mr

I have appealed and have asked for the assistance of a lot of people already , and according to one of the social workers that I have spoken with , only prisoners who were close to their release dates are allowed to be transferred near their hometown

My uncle has not received any visitors , both from family and friends , for the past 14 years because of the inaccessibility of the institution he is in

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