Psychology of Music

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They concluded that the brains of pianists were more efficient at making skilled movements than the brains of others These findings suggested that musical training could enhance brain function (Trainor and Schmidt , 2003 Schlaug et al (1995 ) used MRI to discover that musicians who started studying music before the age of 7 had regions in their brains (the corpus callosum and the right motor cortex ) that were larger than corresponding regions in both non-musicians and musicians whose training began at a later age

Also with perfect pitch has started a music lesson before age seven Rauscher et al (1997 ) found that musicians had thicker nerve fibers in the corpus callosum , the part of the brain that carries signals between the two hemispheres , if they started keyboard training before the age of seven

They concluded that music enhanced brain functions that were required for learning mathematics , science and engineering (Brust , 2003 Several studies have suggested that beginning music training early corresponds to greater growth in certain areas of the brain (Schlang et al , 2003

It was proven that training in music is more efficient than computer learning for teaching math and science skills (Peretz and Zatorre , 2005 p It was reported that music training could be more effective than computer instruction for teaching these skills

The study on how music shares value to brain development has opened new views for all educators According to the study of Neurological Research in February 1997 , music develops abstract reasoning skills needed for the learning process of children in math and science

This term used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI ) to look at the planun temporale in non-musicians and professional musicians , some with perfect pitch and some without it They discovered that the planum temporale in those with perfect pitch was twice as large as the other groups

Al Wriht et al in 1997 , compared the effects of musical and non-musical training on intellectual development as a follow-up to their studies on music can enhance spatial-reasoning

also reported that most musicians who have perfect pitch started music lessons before the age of seven

However , in response to questions about his study Schlaug et al not to recommend when music should be taught since some very skilled musicians began performing in their twenties or thirties

However according to Diamond and Hopson (1998 “early music training is associated with more growth in this one particular brain region

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