Public Relations in college Athletics

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It also promotes and develop relations with other colleges and universities Public relations will also keep news site updated to keep inform the community about the current issues , updates and goals Public relation program will handled all media related inquires , it regularly updates about recent research carried out in the faculty promote inter-colleges sports and workshops , other promotional programs in the community and many other activities on the campuses Public relation facilitates inter-departmental , inter-community and social relations Assessment College athletic public relations goal is to develop such programs to maintain good public relations with the community and to promote student athletics sports , moral , physical , social and emotional growth

Such programs will keep individuals involve with creative activities and simultaneously promote their social relations with the community , a sense of responsibility and increase their morals Plan or board policy in relation to an existing public relations /marking plan or program One of the main purposes of the public relations is to let the students and community learn college rules and regulations and respect it in all circumstances in to provide well-balanced education and creative skills Public relations board will responsible for making new guidelines and policies for people especially parents and guardians to keep them update of regulations and procedures Public relations board will develop such policies in to keep details of all programs and guidelines for the community , guardians and students

Paper Topic: Public Relations in college Athletics BISMIALLAH HIR RAHMAN NIR RAHEEM Public Relations in college Athletics Public relations play important role in linking college athletics with other colleges and news media

Creative ideas were generated to find out various possible number of solutions for the prevailing problems Recruitment and selection of students There is a need to develop a unique workable policy for accommodating minimum or maximum number of students in the postgraduate program on the basis of recruitment practices and on the university standards to recruit students per class There is also a need to start scholarships for students who are unable to pay their full fee Technical expertise and competencies in their language should be considered mandatory prior to admission Apart from quantitative analysis of students ‘ recruitment , university should also consider the qualitative approach to recruit students

It must also prepare information regarding programs to give student and guardians full information Evaluation According to a recent research (Parry and Hayden , 1993 ) postgraduate students benefit from the program only when these students are paid attention separately , faculty and departmental staff clearly verify the assistance these students should receive

Public relation is responsible for handling all communication and information exchange between the college and athletics and media

The policies must define and update the student ‘s and communities needs

For recruiting more students in postgraduate program following strategies are needed to be implemented in the new curricula

It represents college athletics related issues to media level

These strategies are formed after careful analysis of the problems that were faced by the students , which were causing decline in students ‘ strength in the university

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