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Paper Topic: PUNISHMENT VS REHABILITATION Jail : Punishment VS Rehabilitation When a person commits a crime and is caught , they often go to jail Once in jail , they are under strict rules about what to do , when to do it , and how to do it

Instead rehabilitation appears to impact recidivism more positively , by teaching former criminals job skills , finding them places to live , and counseling them to get off drugs (Larrabee Victims of crimes , especially violent ones , may see the punishment issue in a different light

A person would be more deterred from committing a crime in the first place if he perceived jail to be a bad place to go

It has generally been shown that punishment has a deterrent effect on crime because the punishment is worse than not committing the crime Theoretically , this means that the old saying if you don ‘t want to serve the time , don ‘t do the crime ‘ is correct

People may end up refusing to pass levies for the prisoners , or refusing to support public officials who cared more about rehabilitating prisoners than about punishing them for their crimes

Also , victims would obviously be upset to find out that a person who had murdered their family member was getting a good place to say , being treated well , having access to free medical and psychological care , and being set up with job skills and a place to live upon finishing his or her sentence

Most people (70 according to one study , especially crime victims , feel that punishment is the primary function of prison

While it is easy to look at percentages and see that rehabilitation might better serve a criminal , many people do not think criminals should have many rights left

If prison were to be changed around to focus on rehabilitation , then victims may feel that the criminals were being treated too leniently , considering what they had done (Larrabee

This has a huge social effect , because people believe that jail is a place where

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