Qualitive Methoda Assignment

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It therefore caters to a higher classed customer than is usually attracted by Mexican restaurants and the distinction between classes becomes more apparent Methods The observation method of data collection was used in carrying out this research , which was performed over a period of two days

The observation focused on interactions between the other customers and servers as well as those interactions that involved the researcher

This may stem from the fact that the owners do take care to preserve a certain level of authenticity , not just in the taste of the food , but also in the (Hispanic ) appearance of the hosts and servers who cater to the customers

Paper Topic: Qualitive Methoda Assignment Introduction The method of observation has been considered a very effective method of gaining qualitative information about a given subject

Once inside the restaurant , it was possible to view the distinction mainly between the servers and the patrons (customers

The researcher assumed the role of customer at the La Serenata De Garibaldi restaurant and garnered a seat in the corner in to gain a panoramic view of the main dining room

On the first visit , the research was carried out during lunch time , while on the second (three days later ) it was carried out during dinner

This type of observation was carried out at the restaurant La Serenata De Garibaldi , which is located at 1416 Fourth St

Threading was used for correlating notes concerning race diction , dress and conversation s as were identified from specific discussions carried out at individual tables Findings More than one class distinction has been observed at this site

While some servers were undoubtedly college students who might be deemed privileged , the background of these servers largely appeared to be Mexican

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