Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

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Further Internet (Public access ) and extranet (Private Access ) combined has made e-business and ecommerce possible on the net , resulting in large scale tangible and intangible fortunes for the companies by bringing about large scale improvements in revenues , market shares and other benefits while at the same time improving the speed , accuracy , decision making , effectiveness and transparency across all the verticals and horizontals although only partially as most of the processes within the company still remained un automated

The internet combined with the universally acceptable WWW (World Wide Web , The universal software that runs across the internet ) and HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol ) has produced a result that has a far reaching consequence in every sphere of business and personal activity

Today the companies like IBM have already made big turnaround from virtual death experiences just over a decade ago to becoming sensitive , strong and robust by incorporating the pervasive computing methodology as a result of RFID implementation However company ‘s as always are resistant to change because it means risking the old for the sake of new

Most of the users are still wary of conducting activities on the net due to fear of getting cheated or victimized However we felt that RFID even when implemented in a small way in an area like supply chain management within an organization may revolutionary consequences on the company ‘s over all health and profitability by providing a groups at all the levels thus resulting in the most efficient management of its processes and systems at an investment that will pay for itself many times over and as immediately as it is implemented

The surest way to achieve dramatic results in a relatively short period if time is to cash in on the emerging technologies and subsequently integrate them with other existing technologies to evolve a mix that sometimes can seem too fascinating to be true

Paper Topic: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Radio Frequency Identification Table of Contents Overview Introduction What is RFID Areas of Use Special Use in SCM current methods of bar coding problem with the current methods Advantages of RFID over other technologies drawbacks security drawback identified problem areas Statement of Research Objective Primary Data and Surveys / Questionnaires /Interviews Conclusion Bibliography Overview The major challenge for the organizations of today is to keep on making things better and better and more efficient than before in to do better business by providing more value addition and thus better satisfaction for all interest groups

Although invented way back in 1970 ‘s , upto now the decisions for its implementation were kept in suspended animation mainly because its immense hidden powers have only been realized today with the advent of Microchips and the mighty internet Up to now the merger of IT and telecom has produced the brilliant and marvelous end result , internet

Radio Frequency Identification or RFID is one such emerging technology

E-business and E commerce still seem to be on the surface only and have not penetrated deeply enough for better satisfaction and growth


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