Realizing A Spa Dream

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This proposal will include the vision [design concept] that I have for my future business , the specific business organization of this day spa and the different contract and 3 license procurement processes that this kind of business endeavor entails Vision and Design Concept Getting inspired by the Bliss Soho Spa , New York City Many New Yorkers enjoy Bliss Spa services in the spa ‘s Soho and mid-town Manhattan locations

Day Spas , are the most accessible kind , as they are found almost everywhere : malls , hotels , salons or health clubs Treatments are as short as 30 minutes and as long as the whole day Resort Spas are usually found within the grounds of a vacation destination

My future business staff and I would be giving people unconditional love — for the hour they are there in my spa facility And the healing that clients will be able to gain from their spa experience there will be cheaper than a shrink As a prospective business owner , I have chosen to study the in (s ) and (outs ) of establishing a full service day spa of my own in the state of Maryland

Wellness Spas or holistic spas are visited by people with specific health problems as well as those who want to improve their lifestyle Nowadays , no longer is the spa experience something restricted to the use of the female gender

The Bliss Soho New York day spa offers a selection of relaxing treatments and clients can choose from a variety of spa treatments such as massages , facials , waxing , manicures , and pedicures

Destination spas are designed to give one ‘s health a supervised spa treatments , physical fitness activities , and healthy cuisine are part of 2 a guest ‘s experience over a period of few days

Paper Topic: Realizing A Spa Dream 1 A SPA TO REMEMBER A PROPOSAL FOR THE START-UP OF A FULL SERVICE DAY SPA IN MARYLAND More and more women are looking to spas as their answer in their quest for quality Me ‘ time

I truly believe that I will be healing people in body , mind and spirit and I believe this business [the spa business ] treats the whole being

Medical Spas offer a wide range of medical treatments alongside regular spa therapy

The Bliss Spa (NYC , is also known for the trademark line of relaxing spa products which it is associated with

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