Rebuilding New Orleans

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Even if it had to take time to start reconstruction , five months after the Hurricane Katrina swamped New or leans , president bush ‘s government promised to rebuild the gulf coast (Treaster , 2006 This will provide comparative and historical analyses on the reconstruction efforts by the government on the New Orleans city after the Hurricane Katrina

Paper Topic: Rebuilding New Orleans Running head : Rebuilding New or Leans Name University Course Tutor Date Introduction The destructive effects of the August 29 , 2005 , Hurricane Katrina had necessitated the government to rebuild New Orleans to help resettle the people who were displaced

The big challenge here for the government building New Orleans is to rebuild the lives of the people who were disoriented by the Hurricane Katrina (Jed , 2006 The city was not able to collect taxes since all the properties were destroyed and even the businesses closed down

The best solution is that the low level areas should not rebuild at all and the levees should be properly rebuild and maintained so as to minimize any occurrence of the disaster Conclusion Hurricane Katrina is a subject of discussion among the victims of New Orleans city

The reason is that the government had to work with other stakeholders to provide for the rebuilding process There is a controversy about the building of the levees and sea gates as most commentators have argued that such structures might equally make the city vulnerable to terrorism

All these dangers posed can be prevented by building dry levees through these cities to prevent future flooding New Orleans is a city is threatened of abandonment if the government does not put in place the capital to build it so as to restore it lost glory

com /pages /national /nationalspecial ” Hurricane Katrina – The New York Times ,Sunday , December 16 , 2007 Norma Jean Mattei (2006 ) Rebuilding Metro New Orleans after Katrina Louisiana ‘s New Statewide Building Code

The historical experience provides an avenue for the rebuilding process Major challenges in the rebuilding process The major challenge was to make the city rise from the waters

The high financial requirements that are required to rebuild the city have forced the government to impose high tax so as to build the necessary structures in the city

New Orleans skill remains vulnerable as to flooding it below a sea level Recommendations The decision to rebuild the city by the government has been hindered by the large financial requirements

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