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There are fewer restrictions on narrative writing , such as using first person throughout as opposed to only in specific examples , as in the illustrative mode Also , for the narrative mode , I could draw more on my own personal experiences , where in the illustrative mode , I had to think in more general terms so that more readers could relate I like the narrative much better because my story flows better and the syntax is much more relaxed , informal

Paper Topic: rhetorical modes Student Name Instructor Name Assignment – Comparison Date Self Analysis of Writing In comparing my two previous essays , one a narrative , and one an illustration , I have found many similarities in my writing , and some differences To begin , I have followed the basic writing structure for each essay with an introduction , clear thesis , body paragraphs that have sentences , support , and transitions

All of my ideas follow a logical progression , and I conclude with a concluding paragraph The narrative is much longer because it is easy to write in narrative mode , to tell a story I am familiar with

I can write about myself and my family very easily following a more strict pattern of development and level of formality is a bit more difficult with expository writing this is where I think the difference in tone comes from in these two s Last Name PAGE \ MERGEFORMAT 1

The illustrative paragraph sounds a bit `stiff , which is simply because there is a more formal voice in that than in the narrative

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