Risk and Scenarios

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g , power failures , rain /snow /air storm earthquakes etc Protection from outside threat Protection from external threats include implications of following measures Encryption Software /data Encryption is to encode the information into an unreadable format using specific mathematical key

This includes protecting computers , networking elements , services and applications Protecting networks is important for keeping the information confidential , to maintain the integrity of information , authentication of legalize users , and availability of data Possible threats and dangers to the Networks A threat to the secure data on computers comes from both inside and outside users

The first step is to implement a wise security plan Once the data is lost it creates a number of problems and incurs heavy cost in retrieving the data and taking new measures for the security Security also implies to the protection of systems on which data is saved

The smaller the key , the easier is to crack the message Therefore , for very secure and confidential information , larger and tougher keys should be used to encode and decode the messages Two types of keys are important for encryption system i

In case of active threats information and system both are affected (Computer Security , 1998 ) and this is mostly intentional Threats could be from hackers who masquerade for accessing secure data or spreading virus

Insider attacks could come from the loss of confidential secure data by authorized users where as outsider attacks are intentional site invasion or data access by illegitimate users

Public key is known to public and anyone can use that key to send encrypted messages to the company

Only authorized person having the same matching key can decrypt and read the message There are different encryption models for encrypting /decrypting s These models in turn have variable keys , coming in various size and numbers

In case of single key there is only one key which is exchanged by the companies privately and which is not known by any third party or unauthorized users

Passive threats are those where only secure information is released without affecting the system (Computer Security , 1998

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