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Paper Topic: Risk Assesment Running Head : MALATHION APPLICATION Malathion Application [Name of Author] [University /Institution] Malathion Application Genericville is an American city with lots of wetlands that protect the city from flooding and helps Genericville attract tourist in which about 100 ,000 of its population are dependent on summer tourism

Still , not everyone is in favor of the application of the said pesticide Those that oppose the application of the pesticide states that as long as there is no concrete evidence that applying Malathion will not have long-term risk to the environment , it should not be used in to solve the problem that Genericville has regarding WNV

Still , the idea is still debatable although it could reduce the population of mosquitoes by 90 because of the danger that can be brought by using the said pesticide Part of the application of the pesticide includes aerial spraying and as well as ground application of Malthion

This year , it is expected that there will be about 50 cases of WNV in Genericville and 2 fatalities Due to the seriousness and danger that WNV might bring to the city and its citizens , some propose to use a pesticide solution , Malathion in to minimize the risk against such disease

They added that avoiding exposure to Malathion is more feasible than to prevent the citizens exposure to the large population of the mosquitoes that may contain West Nile Virus The high incidence rate of WNV in Genericville is also the cause of proposing the said treatment according to its proponents

According to the government data that was brought by the proponents of the plan , application of Malathion would unlikely produce environmental risk because it easily decays into harmless material after application

They also argued that the application of Malathion would also endanger the natural predators of the mosquitoes and thus increasing the risk of spreading the virus

WNV is a virus like that of dengue virus and is also infected human through the bite of a mosquito that is infected by the virus

A wealthy resident of Genericville who suffered from a family loss because of the said virus will provide the fund of the program

They also added that preventing the application of the pesticide would have a great economic impact for it could reduce tourism in the city in which a great part of the population is dependent

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